Who is CompCall?

Disability Management Specialists

CompCall’s ability to get an individual back to work even one day sooner translates into minimum employer savings of $400 on Workers Compensation premiums. Multiple claims equal a significant cash outlay. Additional savings are further realized by investigating modified work opportunities. We explore the options and make recommendations to you that will improve your employee’s recovery and protect your bottom line.

Our “No-Nonsense” Pledge

With every prospective client, we do our homework. We believe that a good business relationship is built on communication and trust. That’s why we assess your existing processes, listen to your needs and clearly define your expectations prior to determining if our programs can help resolve your pain. If we aren’t able to save you time and money we’ll tell you – without reservation. Our eyes are fixed on finding solutions to your recent short-term challenges and long-term goals.

We value honesty and integrity. Our services operate within the Workers’ Compensation mandate and adhere to strict insurance industry guidelines to ensure each claim is managed within the letter of all legislation. We listen, investigate and follow through to deliver on our commitments.

CompCall – Your Return to Work Specialists


CompCall came from very humble beginnings. The company began life in 1993 as a two-man operation in the basement of our family home, providing a service we believed employers desperately needed. In many ways, CompCall was the first of its kind, working with employers to help them understand their Workers’ Compensation rates, and showing them the financial benefit of a well run Disability Management and Modified Work program.


CompCall grew over the years by word of mouth, to become a National provider of Workers’ Compensation and Short Term Disability Management programs. We now have clients in all 10 provinces in Canada, and we are very proud to say that some of those original clients from 1993 are still with us!


CompCall is now a second-generation family business, and we understand how important it is for a company to take care of their greatest asset – their employees – especially when employees are not able to work. We have handled over 45,000 claims, and that experience has provided us with the knowledge and expertise to help you design and customize your program.  This will guarantee your disabled employees receive the care and support they need to ensure a successful return to work.


CompCall is one of the few Disability Management providers today who require their Disability Managers and Return to Work Coordinators to become certified through the National Institute of Disability Management and Research (NIDMAR). This certification process ensures that CompCall staff are well trained in all areas of Disability Management. CompCall also has licensed Paralegals on staff to work on WSIB issues for our Ontario clients, as well as a number of bilingual personnel for our claimants who would prefer to communicate in French.


CompCall has a 10 year succession plan in place, to ensure that our standard of excellence is maintained as we gradually move from the first to the second generation. CompCall is growing, and our goal is to be the most trusted and respected Disability Management provider in the country. We look forward to continuing to work with benefit providers and employers to improve the delivery of benefits to disabled employees, ensuring successful and timely outcomes.


CompCall has to walk the fine line every day between the social responsibility of providing injured and disabled employees with assistance, and the economic reality of what that assistance is costing. We have been successful in finding this balance by making sure that everyone is following the rules, that all participants are treated fairly, and that all parties understand that they have responsibilities in the process and live up to them.