For the past 25 years, we have been providing our clients with cost-effective disability management solutions. We work with the employer to customize and design a program that fits in with their corporate culture and budget. We also educate and empower the employer, ensuring that they are active participants in the Disability Management process.


In many respects WCB claims are no different than Short Term Disability claims. In both cases, disabled employees will recover more quickly if they are an active participant in the process. Recovery will be more successful if medical and other treatment is timely and effective. Employees will recover more quickly if they don’t lose contact with their workplace and participate in Modified Work Programs. Medically approved Graduated Return to Work Plans will help ensure that all disabled employees, whether on WCB or STD, have the best possible chance of making a successful and sustainable return to work.


CompCall works in partnership with our clients to provide a cost-effective solution that significantly reduces their WCB or STD premiums going forward, improves the quality and speed of care their injured employees receive, and provides your Management Team with “peace of mind” knowing that employees are being taken care of, and will be back at work as soon as possible. The programs we implement for clients do not focus on one-time savings. Our goal is to establish a program that will create effective in-house procedures which produce savings year after year.


CompCall believes that a non-adversarial approach to problem solving benefits everyone involved in the claim. We work with our client’s operating and human resources management teams to strike an appropriate balance that supports the company’s overall labor relations philosophy and approach. The CompCall programs work well in both union and non-union environments. With this approach, we have achieved tremendous results for our clients.

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