Short Term Disability Claims Management

Many employers are frustrated by escalating employee disability costs. They are looking for new and better solutions to help expedite their employees’ recovery and successful return to work, while containing costs.


The traditional methods of managing employee Short Term Disability claims, either in-house or through an insurer, no longer address today’s challenges. Realities such as delays in the healthcare system and continued legislative changes protecting employee privacy rights have led to rapidly rising claims costs for employers.


This requires a better solution.


…making a difference through:
– Proactive claims management
– Assistance in navigating the healthcare system
– Ready access to CompCall’s national medical provider network
– A fee structure that aligns CompCall’s interest with the employer –
getting employees back to work sooner


ActiveCare Plus™

…all the benefits of ActiveCareTM… plus:
– Comprehensive Claims Adjudication


ActiveCare Elite™

…specialized solutions for small employers:
– Complete disability management for employers with
50 employees or less

Market Philosophy: There is a Long Term Disability Problem

The market has shown when companies invest little into their Short Term Disability management program the results equate to a lot more money and time spent on Long Term Disability. Without the right initial treatment for their employees,  employers risk encountering limited return to work planning and higher Long Term Disability rates to solve the same problem.


Our Philosophy: There is a Short Term Disability Problem

CompCall’s ActiveCare™ provides employers with a choice of introducing a truly proactive medical management model that moves away from the traditional Disability Management approach. The premise is simple. If you medically manage the STD period, the LTD takes care of itself.

Typical STD Process

Introducing: ActiveCare™

Partnering with our clients, the ActiveCare™ program provides a cost-effective solution that significantly reduces STD costs going forward, improves the quality and speed of care disabled employees receive, and provides the Management Team with “peace of mind” knowing that their employees are being well taken care of and will be back at work as soon as possible.


An ActiveCare™ disability specialist partners with each claimant when they become disabled. The specialist becomes the claimant’s personal heathcare advocate throughout the entire claims process, helping them navigate the healthcare system. Ready access to the ActiveCare™ network of medical providers ensures wait times to see a specialist or access specialized diagnostic testing such as MRIs are drastically reduced. This allows the employee to focus on their treatment and recovery.


Our ActiveCare™ model provides a “win-win” solution for all parties involved in an insured Short Term Disability program: A faster return to a happy, healthy lifestyle for the employee and improved productivity and an overall reduction in costs for the employer.


For employers needing claims adjudication and claims management services, ActiveCare Plus™, CompCall’s full-service model, is the best choice.


Our ActiveCare Elite™ program provides employers with less than 50 employees a disability management solution for insured, self-insured or EI paid short term disability programs.

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