Workers Compensation Claims Management

Many employers view the costs associated with Workers’ Compensation (WCB) claims as a “cost of doing business,” since employers are obligated to participate in the program. However, employers do have the ability and responsibility to actively manage these costs. Designing and implementing a WCB Disability Management and Modified Work Program is essential in reducing WCB premiums, resulting in an improved bottom line and a competitive advantage over industry peers.


With experience in all 10 provincial WCB’s, CompCall will focus on getting your company the maximum rebate available for each province. All the WCB’s across Canada use a merit/rebate system based on your annual claims costs. Similar to all other insurance programs, the higher your claims costs, the more you pay in premiums. If you are not sure whether you are paying a WCB surcharge or getting a WCB rebate, give us a call. We will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your WCB rate for a nominal fee. Armed with this information, you can then make an informed decision as to whether you need to do more to control your WCB costs.


In today’s corporate environment, everyone is expected to “do more with less.” As a result, managing WCB claims can fall to the bottom of a supervisor’s list of priorities, and the consequences can be very expensive for the company. If an Employer does not actively manage their WCB claims, they may find themselves having to pay late filing penalties, premium surcharges, and large fines for failing to provide a satisfactory Health and Safety program for their employees.

CompCall’s approach is unique; we work closely with front-line supervisors to actively manage the injured employee’s medical treatment and modified work duties from the moment the employee is injured until they are back to regular duties.


Our process keeps the supervisor as the point of contact with the employee throughout their treatment and rehabilitation while we provide support, technical expertise and administrative assistance to the supervisor. This means that the supervisor is always aware of the employee’s current physical restrictions and overall progress, and the employee is not “out of sight, out of mind.” We are confident that this process makes supervisors more knowledgeable and comfortable working with injured workers, helping them remain involved in the process.


We will initiate cost relief requests when appropriate. If we are successful in obtaining cost relief, any “found” monies are returned to the employer. We will also launch and represent the Employer at all appeals. If the Appeal Board rules in favor of the Employer, those “found” monies are returned to the Employer.

Typical WCB claims events

CompCall fast-tracking

Fast-tracking with CompCall

  • Real-time supervisory support when an employee is injured;
  • Immediate access to medical treatment on the day of the accident;
  • Assistance for supervisors in setting modified work programs;
  • Representation in all WCB communications;
  • Establishment of rehabilitation treatment programs;
  • Monitoring of employee progress and recovery;
  • Ready access to medical specialists, as required;

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